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Geismar, Louisiana

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What You Get. . .
  • 2 Days of top tier implant education
  • 3 implants of your choice
  • Learn top 7 implant efficiency procedures used by top DSOs
  • 3 Keys to minimizing implant related overhead: be introduced to top implant manufacturers and how engineers are working to create optimized physical and digital workflow
  • Cut implant lab fees and overhead by up to 80% by learning streamlined restorative techniques and being connected to wholesale labs that supply to the top larger retail labs
  • 3 Nuggets to master the efficiency game related to stock abutments vs custom vs screw retained: the hybrid screw-retained restoration
  • The 4 advantages of tapered vs cylindrical shaped implants and aggressive vs dull threads: clinical considerations and pros and cons
  • Top 3 efficiency flap and flapless surgical techniques
  • 3 Keys to mastering occlusion related to implants, indications and contraindications, general protocols and nuggets
  • 3 Rescue techniques: efficient and minimally-invasive soft tissue management around implants from troubleshooting to dealing with exposed threads and prepping prosthetic margin directly on implant body
  • Understanding pressure necrosis and overheating of bone: myth or reality, techniques to reduce heat generation during drilling, to measure NCms at time of insertion or not, how much is too much torque
  • 7 Foundational considerations with implants in the anterior zone from angulation to sub-crestal depth

iH Biomedical

Implants and tools used in ALL ONLINE AND LIVE COURSES are provided by iH Biomedical.
What A Few Recent Attendees Are Saying. . .
"I felt very comfortable, I felt like I was in my own office. It was like we were colleagues."
- Michael Sisk, DDS
"I felt comfortable being able to share...not feel like I was asking dumb questions. 5 Stars!"
- Damon Thompson, DDS
"The institute faculty come from different backgrounds and have been in the trenches placing implants for a long time."
- Michael Dostal, DDS
"It was refreshing to add new techniques or tweak techniques that I had done in the past."
- Michael Ammons, DDS
"Real hands-on, real practical...I feel like I can go back next week and start doing this..."
- An Le, DDS
"They are doing something above and beyond what the average dentist can do."
- Eric Compton, DDS
"Dr. Bessonet's course was super! Went above and beyond! Most friendly and accommodating course I have ever been to! I have been to a lot."
- Danielle M., DDS
"The course at Louisiana Implant Institute" was excellent! I highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to learn implants or is now doing implants. Over the shoulder, small group size, and very accomodating group size, and very accomodating atmosphere! Dr. Bessonet and his staff made us feel very at home. Five Stars!"
- Scott Musselwhite DDS, MAGD
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